Save our bees! 

Of the world's major food crops, 71% are dependent on bees for pollination. But honey bee populations have been in alarming decline since 2006, threatening food supplies from strawberries to carrots to coffee. Widespread use of a class of toxic pesticides called neonicotinoids is a significant contributing factor. And now, chemical companies want to be able to use even more of these pesticides. We should be using less pesticides, not more! 

Its urgent that we protect our bees - no bees, no food. Tell the EPA to limit pesticides that kill bees.

Subject: Protect our bees
Some of our favorite fruits and vegetables depend on bees for pollination, yet, despite bees dying by the million, pesticide companies like Dow, Bayer, and Syngenta have asked the EPA to increase the allowable level of bee-killing pesticides by as much as 400 times. These same companies are making billions selling bee-killing pesticides, called neonics, which scientists have compared to DDT in the level of threat posed to the environment.

15 countries in Europe have imposed a two-year restriction on the use of several of these chemicals. The U.S. should do the same.

I'm writing to request that you act quickly to reject the pesticide industry request for increased limits and to instead put in place an immediate moratorium on neonicotinoid pesticides. No bees, no food. We can't afford to wait.