Tell President Obama to #PutSolarOnIt 


Tell President Obama to #PutSolarOnItSolar Jobs on the rise

The federal government owns and manages more than 500,000 buildings. If these buildings used solar hot water and electricity, we would make a big dent in the pollution from burning fossil fuels and set a strong example for what can be done to harness the limitless and pollution-free energy of the sun.  

Join us in asking the president to go big on solar, starting with all the buildings owned and managed by the federal government.

Subject: Put solar on all Federal buildings
We want to thank you for your leadership promoting clean, efficient renewable energy. There's 10 times more solar energy and three times more wind energy than there was when you took office. This is huge progress. But it's not nearly enough to meet our nation's energy and environmental challenges.

Federal agencies have a target of making their buildings carbon neutral by 2030. That cannot happen without a major commitment to putting solar electric and/or solar hot water on every possible rooftop.

Please commit to put solar electric and solar hot water on every federal building within the decade. With your continued leadership, the federal government can lead the way.