Tell the Senate to restore wetlands and estuaries along America's coastlines

Coastal ecosystems, those transition zones between land and sea, are where so much life begins. They are critical to countless species -- sea turtles, sea birds, invertebrates, fish and more -- and they provide a buffer against the encroaching impacts of climate change.

Coastal wetlands, marshes, seagrass beds and mangroves remove up to four times more carbon from the atmosphere than land-based ecosystems. They provide critical protection against storm surges and coastal flooding, and help prevent shoreline erosion.

The west coast of the U.S. has lost 85% of all tidal wetlands and the east coast is losing wetlands at twice the rate they're being restored.

The Build Back Better Act has $6 billion in grants for states to restore and protect these wetland areas. Tell your U.S. senators to vote for our coasts.

Subject: Vote for a Build Back Better Act that restores America's coasts