Tell NOAA: Protect our oceans

DOCKET ID: NOAA-HQ-2021-0109

Across the country, our ocean ecosystems are crumbling, bordering on collapse. Our marine life is diverse -- but it's also interconnected and fragile.

Every day that we don't protect our oceans, drilling and overfishing chip away at the populations of whales, dolphins, coral and more. In order to turn the tides, we need to extend strong, permanent protections to a broad diversity of ocean ecosystems, from kelp forests to underwater sea canyons and coral reefs.

To ensure the health and biodiversity of our ocean, I urge the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to create strong marine protected areas designed to conserve ocean life, including marine mammals, seabirds and corals. The Biden administration's efforts to protect 30% of our nation's oceans by 2030 should represent the diversity of America's rich ocean heritage, and include key marine ecosystems around the U.S.