Tell Red Lobster: Protect the North Atlantic Right whale

Dear Red Lobster CEO Kelli Valade,

North Atlantic Right whales are critically endangered, and Red Lobster could play an important role in saving them.

One of the main causes of death for this marine mammal is entanglement in the ropes used to connect lobster traps on the ocean floor to buoys on the surface. When the whales become entangled, these ropes wrap themselves and slowly constrict the animal, often leading to a slow, painful death. It doesn't need to be this way. New ropeless fishing technology can allow fishermen to keep reeling in their catch without threatening these vulnerable whales.

As one of the largest purchasers of seafood in the world, you can set a new industry standard for safe, sustainable lobster fishing. That's why I'm urging you to commit only to purchase lobsters from ropeless traps.