Tell your governor: the climate can't wait!

Dear Governor,

Our country needs to do more to fight global warming, but right now Washington, D.C. is moving in the wrong direction. It’s time for you to act, because our climate can’t wait.

Our state is already well on its way to becoming a leader in cutting global warming pollution. Along with 8 other states, we are part of America’s most successful regional clean air and climate protection program: the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

Over the past decade, RGGI has helped cut power plant pollution across the region in half, saved 600 lives and generated $2.6 billion dollars for clean energy projects. As Congress works to repeal our best federal protections, we need to lead the way.

That’s why I’m calling on you to double the strength of RGGI, making sure the limit on pollution declines 5 percent per year through 2030. When it comes to protecting our health and climate, we shouldn’t settle for less.