Add your name to support appliance efficiency standards and cutting energy waste in D.C.

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy and water waste is to set higher efficiency standards for the appliances and plumbing fixtures in our households and businesses. Now, Washington D.C. has a chance to embrace this commonsense solution to climate change with Bill 23-0204.

By 2025, the appliance standards proposed in Bill 23-0204 will:

1. Save enough electricity annually to power 7,000 D.C. homes for a year

2. Save enough water to meet the annual needs of 15,000 D.C. homes

3. Reduce emissions equal to taking 5,400 cars off of the road for a year

4. Save D.C. consumers and businesses $19 million annually

I support updated appliance efficiency standards because they can be a key part of the puzzle in addressing climate change. I urge D.C. council members to do everything in their power to ensure that Bill 23-0204 is passed during this legislative session. We have the technology to create appliances without needlessly wasting water, energy and money, and we should use it.

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